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William Otis Northup was born 2/12/1867 in Bucklin, MO, son to Nicholas Northup and Martha Young. Occupation: Telegraph Operator & Farmer. Married Nancy Lina Damerell (who was born 8/12/1864 and died 5/5/1945 in Modesto, Ca.) on June 02, 1886 in Bucklin, MO. They had 7 children.

He Died: 8/5/1961 in Fresno, Ca.; Buried in Modesto, CA

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William Northup Family

Children of William Northup

Otto L. Northup B. 10/31/1887 in Brookfield, Mo M. 10/26/ 1910 in Franklin, Ne. to Sarah (Sadie) Ellen Boon (b. 09/11/1890 in Bennett, Ne.; d. Mar 30, 1934 in San Gabriel, Ca.) Died: 4/2/1939, Modesto, CA
Opal Northup Born 6/6/1889 in Brookfield, Mo. Married 02/22/1910 to Emmett Goody Died 7/27/1969; Buried in Modesto, CA
Cecil Northup Born 4/1/1892 Married Frank Elliott Died 6/12/1954, Buried near Sacramento, CA Daughter; Fern Elliot (b. 1911; d. 02/21/2003)
Carl Victor Northup Born 4/10/1995 in Hannibal, Mo. Married Gertrude (Peggy) Salzman (or Solzman?) Died 12/23/1986, Buried in Fresno, CA
Lois M. Northup Born 10/20/1896 Married Fred Lyons Died 3/15/1922, Buried in Modesto, CA
Willie Marie Northup Born 3/25/1901 in Joplin, Mo. Married 26 Mar 1926 in Empire, Ca. to William Caswell McCoy (b. 28 Sep 1897; d. 04 Sep 1986 in Elk Grove, Ca.) Died 6/18/1958, Alameda, Ca.; Buried in Modesto, CA
Clifford Earl Northup Born 5/13/1906 Married June 26, 1925 to Vera Lydecker in Modesto, Ca. Died 3 Feb 1978 in Lodi, Ca., Buried in Galt, Ca. 2 Children
William and Nancy Northup Family Photo